SETAGO® pick to light workstations, the innovative assistance system

SETAGO pick to light: smart installation (easy attachment of the sensors), quick commissioning and ease of use never seen before!

SETAGO pick to light: smart installation (easy attachment of the sensors), quick commissioning and ease of use never seen before!

What are the characteristics of a pick to light workstation?

Pick to light is a display system for defect-free packaging and order picking which is now also being introduced into the assembly process in order to ensure flawless configuration and assembly of machine parts or components.

Workstations with the SETAGO pick to light system guide you step by step through the assembly process using images, text and videos. A sensor immediately signals when incorrect parts are picked or if an incorrect torque is used. The assembly process cannot continue until the error has been acknowledged.

Errors are ruled out, the quality of your product is ensured and your productivity also increases (zero defect strategy).

The SETAGO system is particularly beneficial when you have a large range of product variants: New employees only require brief training and are productive immediately. This also goes for complicated and complex working steps.

Thanks to an increase in productivity with better quality and zero defects, the SETAGO pick to light assistance system can be amortised in just a few months.

The benefits of pick to light workstations at a glance:

  • Zero defects
  • Higher productivity
  • Process reliability even with multiple product variants
  • New employees are trained and productive within a few minutes
  • Consistent quality regardless of the employee
  • Simple installation and commissioning
  • Amortisation within a few months
  • Paper-free assembly instructions
  • Employees requiring support can assemble more complex products
SETAGO pick to light brochure
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Our service – expert consultation also available on-site

Service is our top priority

Our service – expert consultation also available on-site

SETAGO® is a brand name for a pick to light system which has been developed by Phoenix Mecano Komponenten AG. We are of course in close contact with the resident product specialists there when it comes to detailed issues, and we develop the perfectly tailored solution for your processes together with you.

We assist you from the first review right through to commissioning – your partner for process optimisation!

  • Field service – on-site consultation also available
    Our key account managers and sales consultants are happy to visit you on-site and help you draw up practical solutions.
  • Just make a sketch of your requirements
  • Workshop – definition of the required components
  • Our product specialists will devise a solution for you
  • Implementation and delivery
    We can deliver your turnkey solution or assemble and commission it for you on-site.

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