RK Antriebs- und Handhabungs-Technik develops individual solutions and systems together with its customers in the fields of automation and production technology. In the process we are happy to supervise you as a full-service partner every step of the way, from the conceptual design stage and/or project planning stage, through to engineering/development and finally to production and commissioning.
Thanks to our high level of vertical integration and competence, we can react flexibly and quickly to your specific requirements.
You receive support on site from our technicians and system specialists with the realisation of your goals.


Consultation and design

We will be happy to assist and advise you right at the very start of the conceptual design stage of your plans. The right planning and strategy are essential for overall success. We derive the concrete goals, detailed content and technical requirements from this dialogue. Building on this, we develop concepts and solution suggestions and present these to you.

Engineering and development

During the development stage, our system specialists work towards the creation of innovative and smart automation solutions for achieving the commonly defined objectives. The developed concepts and solution suggestions are converted efficiently and resolutely into engineering, production and assembly plans with the aid of professional development tools. This can even include the construction of a prototype, for example, electrical engineering and a printed circuit board design.  

Project planning

The implementation of a complex project requires professional planning which starts with the specific definition of the objectives, takes into account the time and resources accordingly and defines practical milestones and project targets that can achieved together. These targets are always coordinated in a common exchange with the customer so that nothing can stand in the way of the project being completed on time.

Production and assembly

Production and assembly is carried out by our experienced employees. Close coordination between the project manager and our assembly team ensures efficient production and high quality at the same time.

Customer service

Our offer does not end with delivery; we are also more than happy to provide you with assistance with repair and maintenance measures.

You will find further information on our repair service here: