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Lifting column for the clean room field

Multilift II clean, the electrical lifting column for the clean room – IPA-certified for class 4 according to DIN EN ISO 14644-1

Multilift II clean, the lifting column for the clean room field

The requirement for manufacturing products under clean conditions is gaining in significance in various sectors. Equipment in clean rooms is in particular required to feature minimum particle emission. Even the tiniest particles can cause product contamination and thus, for example, lead to malfunctions. Despite an increasing level of automation in individual process steps, countless production activities are still carried out by employees who require ergonomically designed workstations, including in the clean room. Electrically driven lifting columns make a considerable contribution in this area.

That is why RK Rose+Krieger has optimised the drive used for its Multilift II lifting column in order to reduce the emission of particles from the lifting column to a minimum, making them suitable for use in the clean room.

This lifting column gained its certification as suitable for clean room use in a particle emission test according to DIN EN ISO 14644-1, carried out by the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation IPA. As a result, the IPA certified the lifting column for use in clean rooms up to the globally recognised class 4

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