Transport and assembly trolley for your intralogistics

RK-AHT supplies flexible transportation and storage systems which are customised to your process

Properly functioning intralogistics are very important for ensuring the flow of material to assembly workstations or conveying finished components to the next production process. RK Antriebs- und Handhabungs-Technik uses the components of the RK profile system or the tube connectors to engineer custom transport trolleys, material trolleys, kanban systems or storage shelves which are tailored specifically to your components and processes.

Depending on the application or usage, the frames can also be made of stable aluminium profiles or from the tube connectors. The different systems can also be combined. This flexibility is a major advantage because existing transport/material trolleys can also be adapted or upgraded later as necessary.

The high variability and large selection of components makes it possible to customise the frames to suit the production/manufacturing process. At RK-AHT, we can vary frame sizes and heights as well as designs (e.g. static or with castors) to suit your exact requirements.

Our product specialists will be happy to advise you and will work together with you to draw up the optimum solution for your intralogistics system.

Examples for assembly / storage / transportation frames