Assembly workstations and supporting assistance systems

Assistance systems provide the employee with support and prevent defects during assembly. Productivity and quality are improved significantly

Assistance systems provide the employee with support and prevent defects during assembly. Productivity and quality are improved significantly

Ergonomic, efficient, flexible and intelligent

RK-AHT supplies assembly workstations which are tailored to specific demands and ergonomic considerations and can also be integrated into digital production environments as required. Not every production process can be automated in a practical manner. This applies above all to the manufacturing of complex products in small quantities with a high variability and working sequences and special solutions which cannot be automated in a practical manner. In order to be able to manufacture these kinds of products and perform these kinds of sequences efficiently, special workstations which can be integrated into the digital working environment, are required. They not only have to relieve the employee of physically demanding or monotonous tasks, but also have to help to ensure that the working sequences in question are implemented safely and flawlessly. Moreover, the reliability of assembly also has to be guaranteed in the event of an employee change – a particularly critical factor when it comes to quality assurance. Good ergonomics at the workstation also increases productivity and reduces absences due to illness.

The workstations can be equipped with various assistance modules in the interest of product quality. They ensure that the employee always assembles the correct components in the right order. RK Antriebs- und Handhabungs-Technik works with various suppliers in the field of assistance systems in order to be able to supply you with the optimum solution for your application.

We would like to introduce you to a few of our systems which can help you to organise your assembly workstations in the best possible way and optimise the processes.

RK Easywork – height-adjustable workbenches

Workbenches can be put together quickly and simply online

RK Easywork – rugged base, static or with electrical height adjustment

Ergonomics and the optimum coordination of all workflows are the key features of the height-adjustable RK Easywork workstation systems. This protects the well-being of employees and increases productivity. RK Easywork is practically a standard workbench and is compatible with the RK product portfolio. Thus it can be upgraded to convert it into even a LEAN workstation.

The RK Easywork online configurator can be used to put together a complete assembly workstation.

Step by step, the selection aid will guide you through the range of variants on the way to creating your ideal workstation. Additional lighting, holders for grab containers, foot rests, standing chairs and ESD accessories are all available, along with other useful devices. You can choose between the simplest static tables or a height-adjustable work table with electric motor, and configure their own combinations. You can then download the respective CAD data or a detailed data sheet for your self-configured workbench. You also have the option of sending an enquiry about this workstation system directly to RK-AHT.

Online configurator
Putting together a workbench

Assembly workstations with assistance systems