Collaborative robots (cobots) provide support for the assembly process

On modern workstation systems, cobots provide support with assembly, inspection and material supply

On modern workstation systems, cobots provide support with assembly, inspection and material supply

Cobots provide support at manual workstations

Cobots can provide assembly employees with support in many ways: cobots lift heavy objects or take on monotonous tasks with single-sided strain, like accurately handing over parts. This way, they provide relief for workers and protect their health. Collaborative robots are also a practical option for line-controlled tasks which a human can either not perform as precisely, continuously or quickly and reliably as a machine. In conjunction with height workstations and assistance systems, they open up completely new assembly concepts.

The benefits of the workstations with cobot integration at a glance:

  • Physical relief (lifting heavy loads, monotonous tasks) for the employee
  • Feeding and forwarding of components
  • The range of action of cobots can be expanded considerably using linear units and lifting columns
  • Combination with other assistance systems possible
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Specialist support for your production/assembly process

The scope for use of cobots is enormous. It covers everything from standalone solutions and material feeding and removal to complex three-dimensional gantries for welding applications.

Before installation and integration of the cobot in the production environment, it makes a lot of sense to consult a specialist.

Depending on the complexity of the project we work together, for example, with the experts for the development of (semi) automatic processes of the Fraunhofer IEM or the manufacturer of cobots, Mitsubishi Electric. Because, even though a small cobot may be a lower investment than an industrial robot, it is still important to make sure that it is a profitable investment and will amortise within the budgeted period.

Contact us when planning your next project and we will get our project specialists together around the table to offer you a solution ideally tailored to the process.