Special custom solutions

Precise adjustment of a transfer device

A spindle-driven linear unit is used for the precise adjustment of a transfer device

Everything from a single source

As a one-stop supplier with a wide product range, RK Antriebs- und Handhabungs-Technik is able to draw on its own modular system for the development, production and assembly of customised system applications. Tailor-made machine frames, protective fences, height-adjustable workbenches and even complex automation systems, for example, are produced using the BLOCAN® profile technology, ITAS components, RK linear technology and RK connecting technology.

Based on a sketch or the customer's description, experienced product specialists work in close cooperation with you to develop a complete solution which precisely meets the your needs – nothing more and nothing less. The applications are manufactured at our own production facilities in Bienenbüttel.

The applications which have been produced to date include machine housings, complex workstations, industrial stairs and working platforms, clean room solutions and sophisticated handling systems.

Do you have an application which you would like to implement with effective engineering? We are here to help and advise and look forward to you making contact.

Aluminium crossover

Aluminium crossover

Example: Crossover over a conveyor section

For this project a crossover was engineered and manufactured using the ITAS system (industrial stairs and working platforms). In this case an individual solution had to be created in order to cross an operative conveyor section safely for setting and maintenance purposes. We were able to select all the components from the standard ITAS range. RK Antriebs- und Handhabungs-Technik took care of everything from consultation, drawings and approval to installation. That way the customer has just one contact/supplier and can concentrate on his core competences.

Working platforms for a clean room application

Working platforms for a clean room application

Example: Work platform from a clean room project

With components made from anodised aluminium, nickel-plated steel and stainless steel, we are familiar with the demands for clean room solutions. We supply stairs, pedestals, lifting columns and linear actuators which meet the requirements up to clean room class ISO 1. This applies to both static and dynamic applications.

In this example working platforms were designed for a clean room environment. For this purpose components from the ITAS and BLOCAN profile system were modified accordingly so that they met the requirements of the desired clean room class.

Core of the assembly workstation – the portal made from BLOCAN® aluminium profiles

Core of the assembly workstation – the portal made from BLOCAN® aluminium profiles

Example: Flexible production line made of aluminium profiles

Versatile, with extensible and changeable modules and completely operable by a single person – these were the specifications for the development and production of a manual assembly line for air handling units. A flexible portal made from aluminium profiles and an electric, height adjustable assembly trolley were part of the solution. The solution developed by RK Antriebs- und Handhabungs-Technik had a portal made from aluminium profiles at the core of the new assembly line. Handling technologies such as a small crane or a vacuum cleaner for cleaning the finished climate cabinet, were attached to the portal. Feeding technology in the floor completed the ensemble.

height-adjustable assembly trolley

Assembly trolley with electric height adjustment

and height-adjustable assembly trolley

An assembly trolley for assembly of heat exchanger modules for the climate cabinets is a further central element of the new production line. In this case the requirements were: the trolley should be moved flexibly, be able to perform lifting and turning movements without the need for troublesome power cables and facilitate the assembly of the modules. In addition, it should be able to deal with loads of 70 kg – the maximum weight of a heat exchanger module – without any problems. For the construction of the base frame and assembly frame RK-AHT also made use BLOCAN® system profiles made of aluminium. Two synchronously positioned Multilift lifting columns from the RK Rose+Krieger linear technology range are used for height adjustment of the base frame – an essential aspect for the ergonomics of the workstation. With a maximum stroke of 500 mm, these lifting columns make for infinitely variable height adjustment. They can be operated separately or parallel as a pair.

Even the inclination of the assembly frame is set electrically. In this case the object was to achieve a particularly smooth drive movement curve for the sensitive inclination adjustment.