Safety guards and partition systems

Zuverlässiger Schutz vor Gefahrenzonen

Production plants have to be protected from unauthorised access but also need to be easily accessible for maintenance and set-up work.

Reliable protection against danger zones

Protective fences protect machine operators and maintenance personnel from injury by preventing them from inadvertently entering or encroaching on danger zones in production facilities and assembly lines. The safety guard and partition system from RK Rose+Krieger meets the highest demands on safety, flexibility and design.

Our protective fence elements are fastened quickly and reliably to supports made of BLOCAN® aluminium profiles using special Click&Safe connections elements. Depending on their application, the posts themselves can be fixed firmly to the floor using special feet or connected directly to the machines. The connection elements not only facilitate assembly, they also offset small angle deviations and height differences between the posts and the guard elements. They are one of very few systems of their kind to fully comply with Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC. This is because, even though setting up takes just seconds, removal can only be performed with a special unlocking tool.

Protective fences catalogue
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Individual protective fence guard solution

Standard elements are also used as the basis for your individual protective fence guard solution

The module makes the system extraordinarily flexible and adaptable

The RK protective fence has no set dimensions. The individual elements are designed quickly and simply using certain standard elements. The DIN EN ISO 13857 standard defines the safety distances for upper and lower limbs. Once the required material for the fence elements and the distance from the source of danger are known, the optimum enclosure is planned accordingly.

It is not always possible to use standard grids. In this case we are happy to provide you with support in developing an individual solution. Thanks to the flexible BLOCAN-aluminium profile system, the safety devices can be adapted to the conditions accurate to the exact millimetre. If subsequent changes have to be made – for example, when extending the production line – the existing protection system can easily be modified and upgraded.

Work simply, quickly and safely with Click & Safe:

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